Deer fencing

crdahlia(z8bWA)June 24, 2003

Can anyone help me with an inexpensive supplier of deer fencing? Inexpensive as compared to Benner's, that is. A friend bought some and can't remember the name of the place he got it from, bought thought it was in Northern California. Hope you can help -- want to have SOME of my green beans to grow.


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Ratherbgardening(PNW 7 or 8)

I got 4' fencing from a farm supply type of store, I think it's called deer and rabbit fencing. I plan on using it with 2 or 3 rows of wire above it for the extra height. I haven't tried it yet, but I don't see a need for solid fencing all the way up.
But maybe you want the mesh so you don't have to see it much.

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