Rooting Easter and Similar cacti Easily

AngelMyneDecember 16, 2011

All you need is some Sphagnum Moss. I was told rooting these guys would be very difficult. Rots a real problem with any wet substance. And it Was trying to do this any other way...

Just fill a Clear plastic drinking cup with some and arrange your starts. Be careful tho, not to bury them in too much of it as being really wet causes rot.

I use the clear cups because I can see when they need watered this way. Water the moss with a Spray Bottle for best results. Its taken a week? maybe 2 now for me to see roots in the Easter cactus. Only days with the other varieties.

The Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus both LovE this rooting style. They like to be a bit wetter and covered in the moss, where as the Easter cacti wants to be more open and dry by comparison. Just sit the Easter cacti on the moss rather then burying it at all.

I plan to just transplant the starts with some of the moss still attached, as they root pretty aggressively and I dont want to damage them by trying to remove it all.

I hope this golden little find proves to make it easier for everyone else to propagate and enjoy their plants too!

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I am going to try this. I ordered starts of Easter cactus from eBay,paid more than what a plant would cost.they all rotted.that is one plant I cannot keep alive .it's my favorite.they are a hard plant to purchase,just not available in my area.
Thanks for the info.

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