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bobby1973June 2, 2014

Hi folks - I moved into a newly constructed home a few months ago and I'm currently implementing foundation plant material. Out of the 4 homes in my culdesac, I got stuck with those ugly green utility boxes on my property. So I'm thinking of landscaping ideas that would help obscure the boxes. The one idea that I came up with would be to create a bed that incorporates the existing Dogwood tree as shown in the photo. I'm thought Blue Oats Grass Sapphire (an evergreen in my area) would be a good filler for that bed. But for some reason, there's something that bothers me about this design solution. I just pinpoint what it is. Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I have seen a similar situation like that with some kind of flowering bush next to the utility box. It's still there but your attention is drawn by the leaves and flowers instead of the box. The particular case I saw used an oleander bush, but you could use other flowering type.

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You could install a trellis on two sides of the utility box, and run it back toward the dogwood to build continuity with the garden bed. You'd have to keep it several inches away from the box for safety, but you could grow quite a few different things. For your zone, I think some of the ornamental sweet potato vines are gorgeous.

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