Wireless Deer Fence

Painter7(z10 FLORIDA)June 6, 2005

To all of you who have had problems with deer.

I found a product on line that is called a wireless deer fence. It is a pole you stick in the ground. At the top you put pellets that are very attractive to deer. They come over to eat it, touch the pole, and are zapped by electricity.They show a video of a deer taking the bait, getting shocked, and it jumps about 5 ft in the air and taking off. The pole takes a couple of AA batteries, and the voltage lasts about a year, I think. You put the poles where ever the deer hang out the most.

Has anyone bought these? Do they keep the deer out? After researching this problem , this seems to be a great solution, but just wanted to hear from you.

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Sounds like another useless toy. Once they're tired of getting shocked by a the 2aa battery toy they'll move onto greener pastures. Which would probably mean your prized ornamentals. Deer are big animals and have a appetite for many things. Therefore, they will eat what they want to. Even guns are not the best solution because there is always another deer to take the dead deer's place. The only way deer are not a problem is with the 8ft tall fence solution.

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Painter7(z10 FLORIDA)

lkzria : Thanks for the info. Yes, shooting a deer would be fruitless. Here is the web site about the deer poles I was looking at. http://wirelessdeerfence.com/wdf/index.html

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I checked out the website. When they describe the product all I can think is that the deer will be trained not to touch the post that zaps them. I wouldn't call it a gimic yet because I have never tried the product. But watch out for people who prey on the desperate. There are so many products these days to supposedly stop deer and most of the products out there work for some people and don't work for others. The variables of why one product works in one place and not the other is probably quite complex. I personally wouldn't buy that product because I have been disillusioned by products I have bought in the past. A lot of these people are Salesmen. Therefore, they aren't always concerned about how well the product performs, but how it sales. Its like 'selling ice to an eskimo or fire to the devil'. When I'm having trouble with deer I was freaking out trying something to stop them. My brother had a solution, plant more than they can eat. I haven't had problems this year as I have in years past with the deer trying to destroy everything. The only product I use now is a german shepherd dog. Hopefully they respect the predator vs. prey pyramid.

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Where's the respect? I have no respect. Earlier this year, thinking I was was going to outwit the deer, planted 32 cottonwood that were 5-8 ft tall. I thought now they'll be tall enough so they won't get destroyed. I went to my woods today and the most of the leaves are stripped from them and many have broken tops. Now I'm on the list of being desperate for defending against deer.

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adirondackgardener(Western Maine)

>I went to my woods today and the most of the leaves are stripped from them and many have broken tops. Now I'm on the list of being desperate for defending against deer.

Here's an idea:

Using the technology of the wireless deer gizmo, wire up the cottonwoods.

Wayne in the Adks.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

I use a single strand electric fence around my vegetable garden, about 2 1/2 ft above the ground. Deer could easily jump it. Hell, I step over it.

When I see deer sign in the yard (usually late summer/early fall and late winter) I bait the fence with peanut butter. It works on the same principle you have described. The deer put their tongues on the fence, and they're out of there! And if there's more than one deer in the yard, everybody runs. The whole yard is then safe--even the area on the far side of the barn from the veggie garden. Deer associate bad experiences with places. It's a standard way of managing deer and is very effective.

If I didn't already have my fence in place, I'd definitely try this product.

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juliebw(z5 NY)

My friend saw a deer jump right over the wire in his electric fence. I will look into the cost of the Wireless Deer Fence.

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My only problem with the wireless fence is that I would need 30 or 40 of them to protect my orchard.

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I've been using the wireless deer fences for 5 years now... on the plus side they do work very well, and the deer, once trained (one shock) stay away from the the scent, so you can just toss the old scent caps where you don't have the posts. I have seen females force their fawns away from the posts to prevent them being shocked.. that only works until the forage on their own then they learn. Also I've watched deer come out of the woods, smell the scent and retreat to come out 50-100 feet away.. when there is a post there or a descarded scent cap, they head back to the woods.

The down side is the electronics very seldom last into the third year so you need to replace the posts every two years.. The other is some leak and water gets in the electronics.. killing them .. the company is good about replacing dead ones though. I use 6 to cover an acre

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I have had a 7' plastic deer fence up fo many year of good sucess. However I'm moving and need to remove the fence. Unfortunately it's the height of the bloom season! And I need to remove the fence to sell the house. I just purchased this system and we'll see how good it works.. The buffet will open in 4days.. I get back to you

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