A Deer Question.

NutCracker20(Upper Michigan)June 19, 2004

Hi, This may seem like a real dumb question but can you tell me if the deer like a certain plant or flower? the reason I am asking I am new at this garden stuff and I just planted Hydranga's, Peonies, and a black eye Susan can you tell me if they like these kinda of plants and flowers? Or do they just eat about everthing? We have alot of deer out where we live . If so what can I do about it to keep them away from my flowers? I do have 2 large dogs but they sleep inside at night cause they are big chickens LOL Thanks for all your help.

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Your peonies should be okay--deer rarely bother them
I know that hydrangeas can be considered deer food in some areas
but I'm not sure about the black eyed susans

and if you go here:
you will get more information

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Here in Wisconsin the deer don't touch my peonies, but they do eat my hydangeas and black eyes susans, especially in the spring. I've noticed that if I'm consistant with a spray, by the time they are ready to bloom the deer leave then alone. Another good plant that is deer resistant is Monarda (bee balm).

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Here in Illinois they eat the following from my garden
My pear tree- breakfast,
Hosta- evening snack,
day lillie- just when I think tomorrow- the flower will open- only to come out tomorrow & the flower has been bitten off!!
swiss chard in my pots - an appetizer

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sauna(6 nw arkansas)

peonies are the only safe ones of the three in my area

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NutCracker20(Upper Michigan)

Well thanks for all the replys. I have an update though the deer so far has not touch a plant but on the other hand my Yellow Lab Puppy has ate everyone of my Tiger Lilies well he actually just bit all the tops off of them and spit them out, he ate my Black Eye Susan plant. And I am guessing he must not like Hydrangas cause he seems to run from them. Unless of course he has had enough of vomiting from the plants that he did eat. He is fine though but I think he has learned that they don't taste as good as he thought the would. HA,Ha,Ha. He has since left the rest of the plants alone, hard leason to learn for him. :-)

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Liquid Fence anyone heard of it ? I moved to the city so I dont have this problem anymore and by the time I got into organic gardening I wasnt around deer anymore.

But I hear human hair (can get free and galdly from hair salons), soap bars (water and let them drip from hung rope/twine etc) , and this liquid fence helps.

-Just passing through-

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