my seedlings finally bloom

rtrsageDecember 2, 2012

My seedlings I hand pollinated 3 years ago from a pink to a red zygo cactus have finally bloomed. Seeds are all from the same seed pod born on the red plant. I am totally surpised to see a coral flower here. Anyone know why this could happen? Also it appears I will have two differnt color blooms on the same leaf set. I am stunned.


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Congrats on growing a beautiful plant from your own seed and getting blooms in only 3 years! Well done!

There was a thread just a few weeks ago where someone else had the same experience, different colored blooms on a Schlumbergera. I'm sure someone here can recall the exact thread.

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This can happen on any plant in the plant world. Usually called a sport and often leads to a new variety.

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Thanks Hanzrobo and Ron for feedback, It was well worth the time and energy to get to this point and see a real difference in plants. I remember reading that the offspring may have very subtle to no change from the parent plants so this is a real treat. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the red cactus or mom is a very old plant. I will have to look up info on "sports" now. Thanks again, it is hard to find info on this stage of bringing up the babies.

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