Just a dream ! darn !

bgnewbieJune 19, 2009


i am a plant and tree grower neophyte and i have been day dreaming about this tree for the last two years.

It is a plum colored Japanese maple tree, i think it is called a blood good . it will have a single trunk and no limbs for the first six feet. it will then blossom out to around 15 foot wide and at least 15 foot tall in a dome shape.

The environment consists of a 4 foot wide plant container set in the middle of a fairly large 11' square concrete patio.

The tree will only be guaranteed about 4 hours of direct sunlight as after that the bigger trees will envelope it.

my question is: is it possible to buy / grow such a tree.

if so where could you buy it? i live in Northern Virginia. Do you see any problems in growing such a dream?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Japanese maples are generally slow growing. You might have to wait up to 20 years for your picture to become reality. Often such varieties as Bloodgood are grafted and the stock may not be capable of reaching so high.

A four foot planter...That would be annual topdressing and frequent feeding/watering.

Fallen leaves on the patio=work. Stains. Slimy leaves. Hazard. Sweeping. Possible blockages in the roof gutters.

A possible alternative could be Cercis Forest Pansy but if you have your teeth set for maple then you might get direction to a provider over on the Maple forum.

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philipw2(7 MD/DC)

I wouldn't worry about the leaves in a patio. Japanese maples leaves are smallish.

I have 10-12 Japanese maples of various heights and ages and colors around my yard. None is trouble, including those in containers.

Fireglow is a smaller version of the Bloodgood. May make more sense in a container.

Bloodgood is very common in the trade. A big nursery like Merrifield in N. VA would have many specimens in every size and price range (warning $$$). Go visit them and see if reality matches your dream.

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

We have such a tree in an almost identical location. I love it but it isn't a happy camper this year with all of our heat. The leaves are all crispy around the edges. I think the roots have become a dense mass in the pot and it is really hard to get it watered properly. It's been growing in a pot for the last 20 years. In wintertime, we hang suet bird feeders from it and watch the myriad of little birds close to our kitchen windows. btw, it hasn't achieved a dense canopy of leaves either but it is a pretty shape and gives shade to the patio.

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