Sweet Lemon -- some growing questions...

dancinglemons(7B VA)December 5, 2012

Hello all,

Hope everyone in cold climates has successfully winterized their citrus.

Now for the question. I've just purchased a fruit called "sweet lemon" from an Asian grocer. I am wondering if I can save the seeds and grow out a plant?? If I am successful in growing out this "sweet lemon" will it bear fruit?? Seems like I read somewhere that seed grown citrus may -or- may not bear fruit.

BTW I am not a complete citrus newbie. I've got 2 Meyer, 1 Nagami, 1 Lime and 2 Kaffir Lime -- have never been able to get the Kaffir (4 years old) to bear fruit. Starting in 2011 I keep the citrus outside overwinter in homemade hoop house over winter.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, depends on what cultivar this is. The most common "sweet" lemon is the Palestine lime (Citrus limettioides), which is highly polyembryonic, so it will produce clone seedlings (the first and largest of the multiple seedlings that will sprout from a seed), which are clones of the mother tree (i.e., true to type). Another possible cultivar could be the Pomona sweet lemon, and I am not sure of its seeds, I think it may also be polyembryonic.

And no, seedling citrus will certainly fruit for you, it just might take a year or two or few before they set fruit.

No worries about your Kaffir lime - it isn't the fruit the tree is grown for, but for it's pungent leaves which are an indispensable ingredient in Thai and other Asian foods.

Patty S.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks Patty S. I am going to save some of the seeds and try to grow it out. I do not know which cultivar it is - guess I will find out when it grows and fruits.

Thanks again!!

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