Want it all in 1 shrub/tree

dmand(6 NJ)June 11, 2008

I need a shrub/tree for northern NJ (zone 6) that will answer all the following needs:

1) grow very fast in width and height(6-10 ft),

2) in acidic soil,

3) near large trees,

4) in full shade (no sun at all, never, ever),

5) provide privacy - so must be full,

6) be deer resistant,

7) pretty,


8) inexpensive, of course.

Does such a plant exist?

In your answer, please specify how fast plant will grow. Also, I am newbie, so what online garden sites have the best prices and plants?

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dmand(6 NJ)

add to the requirement list - resistant to bugs, disease, etc

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

A number of choices--except for the full shade. With that, no choices at all.

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You might want to look at red twig dog wood. Its a shrub/tree that grows like crazy but the shade thing might slow it down. I have one in light shade, I have to prune every three weeks and mines over 6 foot.

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