Irish Spring

ptilda(3/4)July 3, 2009

I did it! I went to the Family Dollar in town, bought an economy-size pack of 7 bars of Irish Spring, gave 3 to my sister for her veggie/herb garden that's been under attack from Bambi & friends & I cut up the remaining pieces & scattered them around my Hosta garden that was being demolished by the little snots. So, I guess I just have to wait & see now... Everyone on the Hosta forum swears by it, so...

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

The problem is the sent dissipate rather fast so you have to keep adding shaving every few days.

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keep us posted

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I'm glad it worked for you but my experience was nothing short of bizarre. After putting the bars out on strings or on wires I would return to find them GONE the next morning. I thought at first it was juvenile vandalism but I live a private rural area with no passerby traffic.

I finally rigged up a photoelectric trip camera. It was family of red foxes.

Irish Spring was like catnip to them and they ate it. Couldn't get enough.

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That is so funny! And explains a bizarre thing I found!

Last summer I was snooping around a vacant old house down our street looking for bulbs & perennials to dig-up (I wasn't stealing - I was rescuing them). I found an empty den half-dug into the dirt under a huge old Juniper. Inside was maybe 20 tennis balls & golf balls, and 2 bars of Irish Spring. One was still in it's wrapper, and one had a rope tied to it thru a drilled hole, and both looked alittle bit chewed or scratched-up.
We thought maybe a coyote puppy saw it swinging from a branch & thought it was a toy, but couldn't figure out the unopened bar.

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