I blame all of you

James AKA lumpy_jDecember 13, 2012

This past summer I clearly recall making the decision to reduce the number of plants I would need to move indoors for the winter.

I have a fuzzy recollection of some end of season sales in the fall.

Now it's winter and I somehow ended up moving more inside than I had last year.

Now since obviously all of you are to blame for this, I figure you may answer some questions.

I've had 2 orange trees for a few years which grow nicely but never fruit. I figured I would try some other varieties to see if they would do better. I picked up a Cara Cara, Kishu and a Daisy Mandarin. So I know oranges will ripen around winter time so when should I expect to see flowers?

If they do flower I plan on bud grafting the Kishu onto one of my older trees and the Cara Cara onto the other. If that works I would like to add some other varieties as well to extend the harvest season. So with the Kishu what other seedless mandarins could I add to have fruit early, mid and late season. Same question for the Cara Cara with two other navel's.

I have also been wondering if anyone uses lemon leaves for cooking. I picked up a cinnamon tree and camellia sinensis to make my own tea and was thinking that since the leaves on my lemon trees smell so nice they may taste good also.



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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Okay, we'll accept the blame, lol! But, all great choices, all three. You should start seeing blooms between now and say, March.

Okay, for early fruits, the satsumas are your early mandarins, and there are some that ripen as early as September (St. Anne). Valencia is your "summer" orange, so that would extend your orange season. Gold Nugget will pick up where Seedless Kishu leaves off, and will hang very well on the tree (like Seedless Kishu does), ripening from March and will stay on the tree nicely through August. If you then pick up an early satsuma, you could theoretically have mandarins all year 'round :-)

Patty S.

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Oh yah Lumpy? And I blame you for my new found Orchid addiction too..lol

I am so happy to see you have so many trees. Now, you will be around here a lot longer..:-)

Patty knows her citrus, in my eyes, she is becoming quite the guru, so she has said plenty and what a great help!
We need to get her to try one of our fragrant orchids, right?

So good to see you. I think I owe you all a visit at the orchid forum since I have managed to have gone from 2 to about 25 in the time since I last talked to you:-)


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James AKA lumpy_j

I'm really starting to feel like one of those cat ladies. My daughter moved her toys into my sun room, I asked why she always plays in there and she said "I like to pretend I'm in the jungle".

The Cara Cara is about 3' tall and was only 5 bucks. What else was I supposed to do.

Patty, thanks I will look into those when I'm ready. I'm sure I will be coming back to you by spring.

Mike, the orchid forum has be quiet lately, tropical fruit forum even worse. You should stop by and wake them up. I caught the fruit bug coming over here, ( I picked up a mango, sapodilla, stated a mango from seed and got a pineapple top to root). It's only fair that you start collecting orchids.


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The early satsuma are a very nice addition. I have the Armstrong variety and think it is much better than what most of the critics say. I also find it a bit odd that so many citrus collectors also have orchids and plumeria and other tropical fruits. I also have orchids, plumeria, and birds of paradise.

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Lumpy, your daughter is a riot. I chuckled on that one.lol

Yes, I think I just might take a peek over there later and thanks for the update.
I hate it when it seems like everyone dropped off the face of the earth.

Enjoy your day:-)


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

The blame game..lol! I think I would have to pin most of mine on Mike and his/our buddy Josh. ;-)

I have all my craft supplies in my plant room! They are kinda toys, so I could see why your daughter would move hers. ;-)

I'm making a list of what Patty suggested, see what I can find come spring. I love the idea of a continuous harvest!

Hi Mike! and Mom! ;-)


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And I blame every body for getting me to love Citrus. I have 6 citrus trees and have not seen even one flower yet. All I do is roll the six trees out of the garage in the morning and roll them back again in the garage in the evening. My 60k car is parking outside in the cold and rain for the sake of these 6 trees. With all this I don't even have one orange to give to my woman so she could stops her nagging about the mess I am making.

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Foolishpleasure, now, that wouldn't happen to be how you got your screen name,is it?

Did she say something like?

"What's up with the 'foolish pleasure' you get out of the trees that you drag in and out and get nothing to offer me?" lol

Just was wondering..You are too funny!


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Jojo, now I thought I was to blame for you new found Jade addiction?lol

Ok, I must admit, I am always pushing you to add more more of these most majestic fragrant trees:-)

Mom send you a big hello and says to call sooner than later.:-)


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Well Jades too! was trying not to blame you all at once! lol..

luv ya! will try and call tomorrow. in and out today with Jace and his school concert.


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James AKA lumpy_j

Yeah, picked up a few Jades also, but I was going to blame the people on the cactus and succulent forum for that.

I'm reasonable


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I blame you all as well.

A 60K car = ehhh.
A $12 anemic citrus tree that sucks your time patience and frustration = Priceless.

My difference is that I am opting to increase my light bill by $50 a month for swanky lighting to save moving them in and out of the garage.

I do have more to show for the efforts, a crop of 4, I will pick one starting today, gotta pace myself. Lets cypher this out, 4 guzinta 50, that makes a $12.50 an orange. Next month, well, lets just say the prices are going up.

You could try taping some bought citrus to the tree and show the wife, leave the sticker on for the pro-appearance.

Hilarious (shared pain).

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I don't drag my Citrus trees from the garage to save energy I do that because I understand they like to have some sun that in days our sun shows up.

Yes I got my name Foolishpleasure from my love to grow trees and the amount of money and time I spend in that hobby. My wife said every fig I got from my fig tree costs us $5. Yes she might be right about the $5 but she forgot about the pleasure and satisfaction I get from producing this little sweet moist delicious fig. My 5 years old grand daughter put in a nicer way when she told her teacher and the kids in the class my grandpa can make food.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


I must say if you dont want to get addicted to more plants, DO NOT GO TO THE PLUMERIA FORUM!!!


I too have an Armstrong and the fruits are really good IMO.

Hey Meyer Mike, all this is your fault, LOL :)


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James AKA lumpy_j

To late for that.

At least now I know I'm not alone in this.

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LOL!!! Lumpy. who have you got to blame for this now? lol
How come you are not at the fragrant forum showing off all your fragrant plants in which I know you almost top me..?lol

Now, I know you have Orchids, Citrus, and now Plumeria's.
By the way, did I ever tell you that you are to blame for my new found orchid addiction? Ha

Oh MIke, I think I lost my interest after a lengthy bout of growing plumeria after all the bugs and lack of hot sun I had to deal with around here.lol

Now, as for Citrus, I take full responsibility..lol

Foolishpleasure. you made my day...lol That is a great story!

Jojo, right back at ya! Still no call though:-( mom sends her love too:-)

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James AKA lumpy_j

Fragrant forum? I didn't notice there was one..I'm afraid to go.

Started with orchids, then a Meyer Lemon, then some succulents, some tropical fruit, etc.

Now I'm just waiting for the people from the Hoarders TV show to knock on my door.


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Lumpy! What's up with the Cara Cara tree? Is that suppose to be a good tree? Does it flower a lot?
How's the fruit?

Hey, Don't be afraid to go there. You will probably hear of plants you never thought you could own that are terrifcally fragrant and not have teh money to buy any anyways..lol

Let me tell you, the fragrant plants just keep on coming and boy do I wish I could buy everyone! It just so happens I had to put a curb on my spending habits about orchids after finding out many of the very intense sweet flowering ones..lol

Hum, maybe you and I should come up with a program called..'Plant Hoarders' and be just a wealthy as all the others are.lol


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James AKA lumpy_j

I just picked up the Cara Cara in October so hopefully with the help of you and Patty I will be able to tell you how the fruit is next year.

Thats exactly why I'm afraid to go there. If I start collecting anything else I will need to move to a bigger house.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

you all crack me up! lol!!

Doglips~ I love the $12.50 an orange! :-) DH is always telling people about the $500 strawberry I grew ! The only one to ripen in several summers! lol! I've killed many plants and a Cardinal got a few too!

Foolishpleasure~ Your $5 fig , too. :-) And what a precious grand daughter! From the mouths of babes. ;-)

I guess I will add blaming Mike for my interest in citrus in containers! I don't have much yard so containers is about my only choice and after seeing what he grows and in the smaller pots!

Mike~ will call again this weekend when phone is carged! ;-)


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I just found out I have a Cara Cara this morning and this whole time I thought is was a WN!

Now I don't have to buy one and I can save a few bucks, because I would of had to blame Patty on this one if I had to get one.

Jojo, still waiting..:-) By the way, I am thrilled you have yet to get some of the most delicious, sweet, fragrant plants out there..Can I turn you on to fragrant orchids and hoya too that would thrive in your place..Na, we'll skip that./....Hahaha

By the way, I have just bought 3 more orchids Lumpy, and I blame you and Josh for that!


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James AKA lumpy_j

I guess that's only fair.

Should we place bets on how long it will take for your collection to become mostly orchids? They do tend to multiply like gremlins.

On a side note, we just past the winter solstice which means the sun will be up a little longer everyday and we are a little closer to moving back outside.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Wow, what a nice surprise, Mike! You must have picked an orange and cut into it?

Patty S.

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