opuntia strobiliformis not looking great

robinpla(10b)December 7, 2012

I have had this opuntia strobiliformis for a few years. It's been growing great, but never really looks great. The new segments are green and nice but then over time it starts getting dark and flaky and unsightly. It has been growing in full Southern California sun. According to some websites it requires full sun. But could it be too much? Or what's the secret to a good looking opuntia strobiliformis?

Your helps appreciated!

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They're getting cooked (it may be the result of underpotting) - repot it into fresh soil, kind of deepish, or put it in the ground. It's a fine plant for sure, and often classified as a Tephrocactus.

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Thanks. It might be slightly underpotted. It's on my list to be repotted so, I know what I will do tomorrow :) I will reduce the sun exposure too to see if I can get this to look beautiful. Thanks again.

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It's a full-sun plant, even in AZ. It just needs sufficient resources to combat the day. Anything I can do to promote Tephrocactus (pronounced 'Jethrocactus', oddly enough) you can count me in for.

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I broke off all the segments and planted the un-scorched ones in a bigger and deeper pot. And of course I planted the ugly ones in a new pot for baby making :) They are back in full sun, but I might give them some shade in the middle of summer.

Thank for your help,

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