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ruthzFebruary 22, 2013

You guys take such awesome pictures of your flowers, I thought I'd ask your opinion on camera's.
I'm considering getting a new one and have narrowed it down to these two.
Canon Powershot SX160
Nikon S9300

Any comments on either one will be appreciated.

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Okay, I was hoping some of you might use one of these cameras for the great daylily photos that gets posted.
I'm leaning toward the Nikon S9300, so I guess I'll go with that one.

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I think either one will give you nice pics. I use a Canon, but it is an EOS 20D. There are a lot of nice Nikon shots posted on here too.

Good luck. I will say that the better shots come before the sun is out and bright. The lighting makes as much difference (or more) than the camera unless you want to get really involved and learn to use manual modes.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

like Kay,I dont think its that important which camera you use.Maybe.I am using a Cannon A550 and love it.its very easy to use.just point and shoot.I have not bothered to try and figure out how to use all the manual stuff on it.I am very happy with what I have.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Mine is a Nikon S3300.

The easiest way to get the color right is to learn how to change the lighting adjustment (automatic, incandescent, fluorescent, sunny, overcast, etc.). For outdoor photos the overcast/cloudy setting usually gives the truest color.

Also, if you want the background to be in focus, stand back and zoom. If you want to background to be blurry, hold the camera closer to the flower.

Sometimes my camera has a difficult time auto-focusing if I have a bloom taking up the entire frame. I'm not sure what causes that.


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blue23rose(6b IN)

I have two Canon cameras and am happy with both: Powershot S5 IS and the A650. I would definitely not buy a camera without the Macro feature and really like the SuperMacro feature on my S5. If you are going to do close-up shots, I would make sure it has Macro. Haven't camera shopped in several years so maybe they all do now.

Not sure if you've done this or not, but there is a great site to compare cameras: Here is the link to compare side-by-side the two cameras you mentioned.

Compared, the two you mentioned seem to be very similar, but I noticed that not all of the Nikon specs were listed. I also noticed that the Canon takes 2 AA batteries whereas the Nikon is a proprietary battery. I'm partial to my rechargeable AA's, but they do make the camera heavier.

When you get your camera, you will have to report back to us and post some pictures! We would love to see them:)


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Finally got my new camera today.
I went with the Nikon Coolpix S9300.
Hope it captures the true color and sparkle of the daylilies.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Great! I'm sure it will do just fine. Betcha can't wait for those daylilies to bloom, if they aren't already. I know I'm anxious for the season to get started here.


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