Forsythias in shade?

rudysmallfry(z6)July 31, 2004

Just wanted to know if Forsythias will grow in shade. The shade is being provided by three large Sugar Maples. A little bit of filtered light gets down there, but not much. I want something wild looking with an elaborate root system to prevent any chance of soil errosion since the area borders a marsh. If not Forsythias, I'm open to suggestions.

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blitzdes(z9 ETX)

I have some growing in containers in shade. They are pretty neglected - last summer, I just stuck some good-sized sprouts in pots to temporarily mask the AC unit - and they leafed out again this year. Not sure if it's the same for everybody, but in my yard, forsythia is almost a weed - seems to sprout and thrive anywhere it lands.

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I have some forsythias growing happily beneath a huge sugar maple and three oak trees. I'd say definitely go for it - they're in deep shade with almost no sunlight at all.

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It's been my experience that they will grow in shade, but don't bloom.

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i have lots of 70+ year old forsynthias that have been shaded over the years

they are very effective for erosion and nothing eats them. nothing kills them

they bloom but not as heavily as those in the sun

it would be a good , fairly cheap plant to choose

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

I have several 4 year old cuttings (now over 5 ft tall) under oak and maple on heavily wooded lot. They get the early spring sun before all the leaves come back and bloom wonderfully. During the summer they thrive. Had I listened to anyone about forsythia in shade, I wouldn't have cuttings from my husband's childhood home. Moral: don't always listen to everything that is preached, try it for yourself! Suz

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good advice ! be it about plants ,,or people !!!

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It's hard to find a spot where Forsythia won't grow and spread like a weed.

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