Daylilies and Deer

etxtomato(8)July 10, 2006

I cannot find any information to tell me if deer eat daylillies or not.....need to plant something that will take full sun and not be on the buck buffet.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Yes, daylilies are in the top of deer preferences (others include tulips, yews, hostas). Perennials for hot sunny areas that deer will shun include Nepetas (catmints--NOT catnip), Agastaches, Irises of all types, Gaillardias, Coreopsis of all types, Pardancandas, Peonies, Euphorbias, Perovskia, Achilleas, ornamental grasses. This is not an exclusive list. I am in zone 5/6, so I'm sure there are others in your zone.

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The deer come through and chomp off the flowers right before they are going to bloom. Save yourself a lot of anger at never getting to see your beautiful flowers - try the above. I know for sure deer leave Peonies, ornamental grasses, Coreopsis, and Iris alone.

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Daylilies are deer candy! (as are the Aurelian and Asiatic hybrid lilies).
You can also try hellebores, prairie sage, poppy, lamb's ear (basically fuzzy or fragrant plants(the leaves are fragrant)) work well.

Sadly, the deer here in NY will peonies and siberian iris if the season is very dry.

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

The herbs I've had luck with are anise hyssop (reseeds very readily), pennyroyal, lavender, yarrow, lemon balm and oregano (both can get invasive) to name a few.

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