Upright Growing Evergreen along outside of fence

jwstric2_2008July 26, 2008

Hi all,

I have approx 3 ft section outside of a 6 foot privacy fence that I would like to grow a 15+ ft privacy barrier. I would like it to be an upright growing everygreen, such that I can still have access to fence maintence ect.. upper part for more privacy screening as neighbors land slopes upward.

I have reviewd the Lombardy Popla and Rocky Mountain Juniper. The Lombardy seems to have very evasise root systems and disease pone. The Juniper, haven't found too many opinions on it yet.

I welcome any advice ...

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Degroot's Spire should work. Just be prepared to spend a little more than $200 for 5 foot tall ones which are B&B in 20 gallon size pots.

They can take full sun, but in Zone 7 they also do well with afternoon shade.

They are reported to grow from 10 - 20 feet tall and spread only about 3 feet

They grow very slowly, so it will not be a good idea to purchase any that are shorter than 5-6 feet tall.

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Thank you. I ended up going with juniper skyrocket, tough little things, though it took abot 15 of them since they get only 2 feet wide. Got them at 3 ft high

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