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evergreen_fanJuly 25, 2006

Hi All,

I'm looking to block about 120' of road. The requirements:

1) I'd like it to be an evergreen screen, and reach all the way to the ground.

2) I'd like it to grow as fast as possible.

3) I'd like it to be deer resistant. They are a big problem here.

4) I'm not too concerned with height. The taller the better, as far as I'm concerned. But I want them to reach 10-12 feet as quickly as possible.

5) I'd also like the screen to be as thick as possible.

I have narrowed it to a couple of choices based on my research.

Thuja Steeplechase

Thuja Green Giant

Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Also, does anyone have any other suggestions? Since I can't find either of these at any local nurseries, I'll be going on-line to order them.

Since I need to cover so much space, this will be rather expensive if I buy plants that are larger than 2 feet tall, so if there are any other lower cost alternatives, I'd love to hear them.

I've looked into Leyland Cypress and Emerald Green Arborvitae, however these seem to get eaten by the deer regularly. I want to have a nice evergreen screen that the deer will leave alone. The advantage is, I can find these locally, but I'd rather order from an on-line source if deer leave either thuja I've picked out alone.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!

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I think that deer may be a problem with your thuja choice. Especially since they will be small when planted. Podocarpus macrophyllus or perhaps oleander may suit the bill. Check for their performance in your zone. Also hollies are not too badly damaged by deer.

I would stagger the trees to provide some natural look unless you want a hedge. Also, plant at least an extra 10% to replace fatalities.

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Thanks for the follow-up, stevega.

I heard that deer stay away from the green giants. And I was planning on buying them 2-3 ft tall to start (I agree the smaller ones would be ripped out of the ground, even if the deer didn't like the taste.)

I've never heard of the two suggestions you made. I'll take a look at them on-line.


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