100 yr old eucalyptus tree in my front yard

demarraJuly 30, 2007

The tree is actually a blue gum eucalyptus tree and it is on the parkway just across the sidewalk from my yard. So there is my yard, the sidewalk then the tree. I have not been able to get anything to grow under it. I have tried several types of grass, plants and even a large container garden. All died. We are digging out most of the dirt in my yard and replacing it with pavers set in sand (the ground is constantly shifting) but we want to do some sort of ground cover under the tree on the parkway side to beautify the situation. Would ivy live under a eucalyptus tree?

The tree is on city property and is a historical landmark. I live in Redondo Beach California about 8 blocks from the beach. I am just looking for some ground cover that will grow under that big tree.

Thank you so much :)


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I can't recommend a ground cover, but what I'd do is take a photo with you to a local nursery and ask them for recommendations.

If absolutely nothing will grow (I'm sure something will), you could cover the area with bark and set a container with flowers in it there.

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