For Jean

Julia NY(6)February 1, 2014

Hope your eye surgery went smoothly. Thinking of you today.


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Nancy zone 6

I've not been on the forums much lately, & missed that you were to have surgery Jean. Is it for cataracts? I hope it went really well. My husband had cataract surgery, 2 actually. One cataract was really bad, some more unusual type that grows fast. He wassupposed to have the surgery 5 years before, but he was terrified about the surgery. Hated the idea of someone going close to his eyes & was sure he could not do it awake. They gave him some hefty drugs though & it went fine. The doctor said he had never removed a cataract so bad before,like what you would see in a 3rd world country. It didn't improve as quickly as the doctor said it would, & it bothered him for a few days, light really hurt his eyes. He had the other surgery the next year & it went much better, he hardly noticed it. He has 20 20 vision now, & is so happy he did it.
Didn't mean to move the subject off onto me, hoping to make you feel better about it, but maybe your surgery isn't even for cataracts. I imagine you won't feel like checking the computer for a while, hope you are feeling better.

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Julia NY(6)

ngraham: Yes, the surgery was for the cataracts she was posting about. Hope things went okay for her and perhaps she is staying with her daughter.

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shive(6b TN)

Best wishes on your recovery, Jean!

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