Black walnut and Royal Purple Smoke Bush

bekcgarden(5b)July 17, 2008

Does anyone know if royal purple smoke bush can tolerate the juglone toxicity of black walnut trees? I haven't planted the smoke bush, yet. I just wondered if it is tolerant, as we have several black walnut trees. I have checked the lists on line and they don't list royal purple smoke bush.

Thank you!

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

I can't find any mention of the tolerance of Cotinus coggygria (smoke bush) specifically, but other members of the Anacardiaceae family like Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac) and Rhus glabra (smooth sumac) are listed as tolerant. I would assume that Cotinus is at least somewhat tolerant based on this- but unless someone can find a conclusive report there's always a chance that they are sensitive. If you are planning to plant some, your best bet (in case they are sensitive) is to keep them out of the drip line (where water drips off the leaves) and to collect the fallen fruits (and eat them! They are delicious!).

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