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lavender_lass(4b)February 20, 2011

I love my kitchen garden, but it's not the kind of garden for big, sprawling veggies. So, those are going to go (eventually) into separate beds, probably on the other side of the house. For now, I still have to fill up my very large kitchen garden...so I'm thinking that dividing the garden into different 'areas' might work well.

So, separate little gardens, within the bigger garden, with some common elements to tie it all together. Has anyone else done this? Any tips?

My plan is to have all four corners of the garden be the same...inside and outside the fence. (Obviously, I need to install the fence LOL) Probably a hardy red rose in the corner, with yellow pontentillia on each side and a catmint or lavender in front. Behind them (outside of fence) I'm thinking butterfly bushes would be great, if they're hardy enough.

I'll have three arches (two as entrances, one over the birdbath) but I want to use the same plants on all of the arbors. Sweet peas followed by morning glories...with pink or white pontentillia on each side. I know, a lot of potentillia, but it's deer proof, stays small, blooms all summer and loves my soil :)

The arbor is all roses and herbs, with purple and white clematis growing over it. There's one bed that's purple raspberries mixed together with bee balm (trying to keep the deer out) and catmint on each end. The bird bath is going to be in the butterfly garden...so lots of butterfly friendly flowers there. I've got so many weeds in the fields, I don't think I have to worry about providing for the eggs/caterpillars.

Also, for the kids, I have mini blueberry bushes, strawberris and borage, as well as climbing peas, around their wooden bench. There is also going to be a baby watermelon/mini-pumpkin/pea patch...I'll have to take a picture of that one (LOL). And, along the front (where all the grass is growing in the beds) is going to be lots of peas, bush beans, climbing beans, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, etc. with lots of sunflowers, nasturiums, calendula, alyssum, marigolds and snapdragons.

The large pots around the arbor are for some herbs and petunias, as are two new ones (not shown) which will go on either side of the main entrance. If I can find some star jasmine, I might put them at the entrance, with white petunias...I love this combination.

The outside will be the butterfly bushes in the corners, with blueberries on two sides (with coneflowers, daisies, strawberries, sweet woodruff, etc.) and on the other two side (sunnier) probably asparagus, dill, a few plum tomatoes and cosmos on one side (behind the butterfly garden) and more veggies and flowers on the front (by the arch).

So, it helps a lot just to write all this down...and I'd appreciate any ideas, opinions, advice, etc. Thanks in advance for looking at this...and for seeing my same old pictures...but I do plan to take new ones as soon as it warms up enough to move things around :)

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I love your description of your garden! It sounds like you have it all figured out. I hope you can find a butterfly bush hardy for you, besides roses they are my favorite bushes. This year I'm gonna try to find a yellow butterfly bush. I found one at bluestone but they are so small I'd prefer a larger cutting.
What flowers are you planting for butterflies.? My friend had a patch of zinnias that seemed to attract butterflys buy the dozens! Somewhere in my garden I'm gonna add zinnias, just not sure where.
Spring is so close! :)

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Lilyfinch- Thank you! I'm really excited to get started, but we had 8 inches of snow last night and blizzard conditions until noon. That's eastern Washington weather :)

The good news...all my roses and lavender are covered with a nice blanket of snow, before it drops down to the -10 F. they're predicting for the next few nights.

Your yellow butterfly bush will be so pretty. I remember you saying something about that last year...I'd love to see a picture when it blooms! I have purple butterfly bushes behind my roses (both pink and red) and they're beautiful together...and keep the deer out. They don't like getting poked by the butterfly bushes, because they're so twiggy. We'll see if they stay out again, this year.

For butterflies, I'm thinking butterfly bushes (of course) coneflowers, zinnias, daisies, black-eyed susans, bee balm, blue pincushion flowers, cosmos, phlox, verbena, veronica, coreposis, maybe lantana and some caryopteris. It really depends on what I find on sale at the garden center, but most of these are readily available.

I also want to add more catmint and sunflowers, which the bumblebees love. They also like the dark puple hyacinths, so I planted lots of those last fall. Between those and the apple and plum trees, the bumblebees are everywhere in April and May :)

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