tkzone7(z7 AR)August 27, 2003

I have a ditch in front of my house, that I think is mostly shaded, however, the trees are going to come out someday. It is too hard to mow this area so I'm looking for groundcovers.

Evergreen would be great, if you know of any. What ever it is it needs to thrive on neglect. Something that fills in quickly but can be controled easily. I have lots of little and big critters, so nothing they would munch on.

I have done searches but most of the things I have seen mentioned really take over.

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hmm shady evergreen groundcover... sounds like a job for lamium (dead nettle) and striped pachysandra to me- they're grow-anywhere plants, the lamium spreads readily, and both will take the transition to at least half sun very well indeed : )

and best of all- they're neither of them tasty enough to tempt critters- but neither are they poisonous.

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tkzone7(z7 AR)

I can't believe I forgot the "n" in Groundcover. LOL

Thank you for your suggestions. I really like the pachysandra!

I even found some at a nursery that I was going to order some other plants as well. I'll add it on.

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anna_z7(the twilight...)

purple winter creeper is an option - spreads well - easy to keep in check

good luck!


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mastergardenerfrank(Zone6/New Jerse)

If the area is shady & the soil is moist you might want to try Piggyback plant. Tolmiea menziesii most people think it is just an interesting house plant. Makes a wonderful groundcover, best of all it it deer resistant they do not like the fuzzy leaves.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Piggyback

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