name that tangerine! HELP!

ashley_martinDecember 10, 2009

Every so often, at the natural foods store by my house, they have a type of tangerine called a "Temecula Tangerine". It's my favorite and i buy them whenever i see them. I wanted to buy a tree so i can grow them myself but every nursery i have called has no idea what i am talking about. No one's heard of that type. I even called the natural foods store and asked them what the proper name for it was and they said they didn't know either. Can anyone help? The most distinct part about this tangerine is the skin. It looks like a shriveled up orange. The skin is loose and very wrinkly and the fruit inside is almost completely detatched from the peel to the point where you can shake the tangerine and hear the fruit rattling around inside. Any ideas?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Could temecula be Temecula California the area where it's grown and not the variety. Since Temecula can get pretty cold they may grow a Satsuma tangerine. There are many varieties of tangerines and mandrins. I don't claim to be an expert but a common one is Owari Satsuma tangerine. I'm pretty sure that has a loose skin. But quality and time of maturity is dependent on climate; heat units etc. Even if you get the same variety, you may not get the same fruit.

The Fruitnut

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Even if it is not the exact match an Owari Satsuma would make you happy I'll bet. It matches all your descriptions and is a very good fruit in my opinion.


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The citrus you describe is very likely the satsuma previous posters stated.

On more than one occasion I have seen small erect signs next to the fruit stacks and even packaging material showing the area where it's grown and not the official name.

The city of Temecula is actually a bit warmer than Central San Joaquin Valley area with average lows in the 40s in Dec. There are several places in So. Cal that grow certain citrus (mandarins and blood oranges, etc) due to nights that are "just cool enough".

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If what are called "Temecula Tagerines" are really Satsuma, there must be something in the soil or the climate because they taste so much better and the ones that I have had are fairly large. They are by far the best orange/tangerine I have ever eaten. Unfortunately it looks like I am stuck buying them.

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I've had the tangerine you're talking about. I purchased it from a little local store after we visited Mission San Juan Capistrano . They were $2.99/LB and the BEST tangerines I've had. Easy to peel. Juicy and sweet. I've had Satuma before and they don't compare. Maybe the variety i had was different?

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I was at the Marina Farms fresh fruit market on Centinela in Culver City, CA two days ago and bought a huge bag of these yummy fruits.

They were labeled "TEMECULA SWEETS" - TANGERINES ...
I asked the clerk about them - he said that they are amazing and that they only ripen for 1-2 months right now ... about to end ... (currently it is May 24, 2011) ---kind of just passed the common "Satsuma Season"
The clerk also said that Marina Farms is one of the only places around to get these Tangerines. -- (Not that that means anything more than that there are only a few growers (or even one grower of them). They are super good though.

My estimation - it is similar to a Satsuma - yet the whole fruit - as well as the inner flesh pieces - were bigger - and more full of water than a common Satsuma ... taste was similar --- if not - more sugary, yet less "full flavored" than a true Satsuma ...

If I were you - I would call Marina Farms
(310) 827-3049
5454 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066
-- And ask them for info on that Tangerine .... "Who they come from" ... because you want to know what variety they truly are.

Good luck..

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