Limelite or Limelight Dancer Schlumbergera

Cyirra(4)December 6, 2012


I recently purchased Limelight Dancer but after it bloomed it made me think I had Limelite instead. I have searched the web for pictures and any descriptions on them to see if I can figure out which one I have. Unfortunately I am not on my home computer so can't include a picture but will try to get one loaded tonight. There isn't a bit of pink or magenta on the bloom at all - petal or throat, which makes me think it is Limelite and not Limelight Dancer. I have to take into consideration that it started to bud before I took possession of it so perhaps they didn't keep it in a cold enough environment to cause the flower to become pink? There is hardly any tube in between the 2 segments on the flower.

Any information anyone might have that could be of assistance would be appreciated!

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Is there really a zygo that is just called Limelight? I don't really find it when I search, just Limelight Dancer. Once I received a cutting marked "Limelight" as a trade, but never really did find any mention of one just called Limelight. The one I have is yellow with a bit of a pink tube, and my house is cool right now. It is a vary vigorous grower and bloomer. It won't pollinate a Thor Alice, or a NOID white that I have. Not sure what else to say about it. I'd be interested in photos, too. Here's my "Limelight"

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