Poor Meiwa - what to do now?

westgirl(8 WA)December 11, 2012

Hi All,
I have a relatively new Meiwa Kumquat that is spending the Seattle winter inside in an unheated room with natural light, supplemented by CFLs. The problem is that I took it outside to get watered naturally by the rain - and then forgot it overnight. It got pretty cold/windy, but wasn't freezing. It looked ok the next morning, but the next couple of days quickly started to show the effects. Here's how it looks now. I've clipped all the fruit off, but haven't pruned it. It still has some green branches, but the new growth is completely wilted and many of the mature leaves turned brown, although they're still on the tree. Will it recover? How should I best treat it now? I moved it to filtered light, but I'm not sure how to atone for forgetting it! Any thoughts/suggestions? thanks!

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looks like frost damage. cold temps + wind chill.

it'll lose most of those leaves, and maybe the tips of the more tender branches. but it will survive.

keep it inside, give it lots of light. water lightly.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, as Houston said, lots of light! Why did you move it to filtered light?

Also, how recently did you get this tree, and when was it re-potted?


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westgirl(8 WA)

Thanks Josh! I got it in October from Four Winds. It lives inside with CFLs supplementing natural light, I moved it out from directly under the CFL's to the side because it seemed to be getting worse. I guess that it was just showing the effects of it's cold wet night out? I'll put it back. Some of my other citrus that are indoors in unheated areas also have twinkle lights wrapped around the pots - my Meyers really seem to need this to balance light/temp, but I've never grown a kumquat before - do you think I should? Interestingly, my various limes do great without the added warmth on their pots....

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Did you re-pot/pot it in October when you received it, or sometime later?
Kumquats should be more cold-tolerant, unless the Meiwa is an exception.
My trees (Moro, Pink Lemon, Ponderosa Lemon) tolerate a wet windy night
in the upper 30F's or low 40F's without a hitch.


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westgirl(8 WA)

Hey Josh,
It was bare root when it arrived, so I potted it right away. Maybe it was just the extreme (say 20) degrees difference? At first it seemed fine, but after a day or two the leaves started curling/turning brown. It had a lot of fruit in various stages of development, but I took them all off when it started failing and so far it doesn't show any signs of reversing course. I'll give it more light and hope that helps. Thanks for your input.

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