Quick growing wind block

stompoutbermuda(Z8DesertSunsetZ11)August 6, 2009

I am having to move some butterfly bushes this next winter and I need something else in their place that breaks the wind. I can start whatever it is now in pots and have it ready to plant when I remove the bbs. Something with fragrance would be nice. It is in an area that recieves light all day from the north as well as wind and sun from the west. The south and east get dappled sun. It is necessary that it not draw bees or wasps. The winters here are often 20F at night and 60F during the day whereas the summers are 105F. I have some wisteria in pots that "could" go there, but they havent bloomed yet and I dont know if they draw bees/wasps. Currently there is no fence, trellis, etc. there... but it is a possibility to put them in. Thanks!

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

The wisteria is more likely to attract bees than the butterfly bush. I have 4 BB in my yard and have never seen bees or wasps around them. The flowers on BB are to small for bees to get at the nectar. The "flower" you see is made up of hundreds of small flowers. I would keep the BB unless there is another compelling reason to take them out. BB can be and should be trimmed back every year.

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After closer inspection, these are NOT bees.. they are WASPS!!! Argh!

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