White Seedling

mike5210February 12, 2013

Two weeks ago, I planted a flat of seeds I purchased on the lily auction. I'm very glad, to say that of the 65 seeds that I planted all but 6 have sprouted so far. The question I have is I seem to have a pure white seedling starting to sprout. It is now 1-1/2" tall and still white, no green at all. I have started 1,000's of seeds of different varieties including daylilies and have never seen this. Anyone have any ideas as to what is happening? I will try to get a picture of it posted for all to see.

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Julia NY(6)

From my understanding it lacks the ability to produce chlorophyll. Once the seedcase no longer provides nutrients, it will die off at some point. You can just pull it now if you wish or let it go and see how it progress.I've not heard of any white seedlings surviving unless it actually started to produce chlorophyll by some odd chance. It is what some call an albino seedling. If you do a google search on "albino seedling", you'll find information on it.

I've had this happen in the past. No way of knowing which ones it will happen to. It just happens.


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I have had 2 in about 80. I have read that it is more likely to occur when interbreeding with same parentage, grandparents, etc..not sure how true that is though.

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Thanks for the replies, I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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