Tiny babies

karyn1(7a)December 20, 2011

Here's a couple Pseudolithos migiurtinus seedlings a few days after sprouting. The seeds were planted on 12/9.

I had some leftover Huernia quinta seeds that I collected about a year ago. I planted these less then 48 hours ago. These sprout so incredibly fast.

A few lithops and Conophytum obcordellum mundum are sprouting but are so tiny I can't get a decent pic.

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Karyn, you do well sowing seeds.
Funny, more plants, lol..Toni

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paul_(z5 MI)

Crap, that reminds me, Karyn, I keep meaning to send you a thank you for the H. quinta seeds you sent me but kept forgetting! (So embarassing!) So I figure I had better do so now while I'm thinking about it. Alas, none of them germinated that I could see. Don't know what I did wrong. Bummer that. Congrats on all your little babies! (And thanks again, grossly belatedly, for sending some seeds along.)

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How did you start the quinta seeds? I've given them to several people and all of us have had similar germination results. No matter, if you want a couple plants when it warms up I'm happy to send you some. Besides the ones I just started I already have quite a few that have been growing for about a year. For as fast as they germinate, and grow at first, they certainly slow down quite a bit. My biggest ones are only a few inches tall.

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paul_(z5 MI)

I sowed them on a 50/50 mix of coir and very coarse sand. Tried to keep them lightly damp.

Thanks for the offer of some babies later. I will be happy to take you up on that! :D

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Paul the mix is likely the reason they didn't sprout. I start them in a regular high quality potting mix, high in organic matter, but still very well draining. My problem was figuring out when to transplant them to a gritty mix. The first couple transplants were moved too early and died. I now keep them in the regular mix for at least 6 months and just slowly decrease the amount of water they get. Not sure why but this is what works for me. Get in touch when your temps warm up and I'll get a couple in the mail to you. Happy Holidays.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Hmm, so they should have stayed wetter? Does rather make sense as so many of the arid succulents don't really do much until the "rainy" season arrives. Thanks, Karyn!

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