year old cactus what to do

seeker1122(7a ok)December 14, 2012

Last December I planted several cactus seeds from one of thoes mixted packets 5 have survived the yr and are still
1/4-1/2" tall I need them out of my grow room so I can get a jump start on my Spring crops.
I waited till a normal time last year and OK didn't a winter
and summer started in spring. I only got a couple fennel and cabbage heads out of my hard work.

How do I transplant them?
Do I need special cactus soil?
Any help would be nice
thank u

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Can you show us a picture of what you have. Generally, cacti stay in the same place as seedlings for a year or two.

Yes, you need well-draining soil, but a picture of what the plants look like would be great.

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