Does Anyone grow Pryor Daylilies?

avedon_gwFebruary 5, 2013

I was cruising the Hybridizer's Corner, and I discovered the Pryors of Clinton, TN. Unfortunately, the date on it is 2009, and I think they gave up the business after that. They have several daylilies I really like, but I can't seem to find a commercial source that is selling their daylilies now. Does anyone grow any of theirs, and what is your opinion of them? I do hope I will eventually be able to acquire some if they are good garden plants. Avedon

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Just found a bunch of them on Lily Auction happy bidding :)

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I discovered them some years ago and ordered from them. Working from memory - I have BLIND SPOT, COOL MOON RISING, MOUNTAIN LACE, and TRIBAL COUNCIL. There might be some others, too. TRIBAL COUNCIL is my very favorite among the lot, blooming early, always double, a rich dark red. Late this past fall, and by late, I mean some time in November, I cut off a rebloom scape on it with a big, fat bud forming. It would never have reached flowering stage, but one must acknowledge the effort! As they say, this one will always be in my garden.

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Lynxe, I' so glad you replied. I read your post from 2009, and I knew you had Tribal Council, which I would really love to get, plus Blind Spot, Mountain Lace, It's A Summertime Thing, Sweeter Than Honey, Velvet Beacon, and probably a couple more. Interestingly enough, the only double I want is Tribal Council, but the ones listed on the Lily Auction are doubles--not Tribal Council, unfortunately, or I would have jumped on that immediately. There is one double I am thinking about, it has good branching and bud count, so I might take the chance and get it. At least I would have one to start and have an idea how it will do here this growing season. I do want to thank you for responding and I would love to see any photos you have of Tribal Council, or any others of your Pryors. Avedon

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Is it OK to post a link to someone's picturetrail? I hope it is, because I just found this, and it's wonderful:

Near the bottom, there's a picture of TRIBAL COUNCIL. I'd have posted pictures of TRIBAL COUNCIL as it grows in my garden, but I'm on another computer right now. I'll go upstairs later to see whether I have an image of it on the other one.

Avedon, can you grow dormants in your zone? TRIBAL COUNCIL is a dormant, so how well would it do for you, do you know?

BTW thanks for reminding me about the other Pryors here. Working from memory seems not to be a very good idea. ;)

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Thank you, Lynxe, for the picturetrail link. Believe it or not, I found this yesterday and really enjoyed looking at it. Since you reminded me, I just did it again and this time I did it as a slide show, which is great. Too bad there weren't very many of the Pryors' daylilies showcased, but good shots of Mountain Lace and Tribal Council. Now, it seems I might have a shot at getting Tribal Council, should know pretty soon. Also, a friend has found Mountain Lace at Marietta Gardens and Velvet Beacon at Sterretts. So it is nice to know that there are Pryors out there, just have to look hard to find them. As to growing dormants, we have a number of dormants that do just fine here. I do believe they are better when we are lucky to have colder winters, but we haven't lost any so far. That's the thing about gardening, it's a trial and error process. Hope you can find some pics you want to share, doesn't have to be just Pryors, always love to see pretty pictures of daylilies. Avedon

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Hi Avedon, Blue Ridge has TRIBAL COUNCIL for $30 in there price guide on there web site. They were the ones who had most of Pryor's work on LA, but many times big places like that do not list everything they have. Here's the link :)

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Darobi, thank you so much, I have been placing Instant Buy orders with Blueridge on the Lily Auction and I didn't even know this price list existed. I have contacted Bob Selman to see if I can get Tribal Council. It's great to have another source to do a quicker search whenever I find a DL I like. By the way, welcome to the Forum, it's always a pleasure to have more good people come here. Avedon

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Just a follow-up--I have placed an order with Blueridge for Tribal Council, really happy to get it. Bob Selman is so accommodating, really good to work with. I also checked the Pryor website again, and they say Tribal Council is semi-evergreen, so it should do fine here. Avedon

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

I have a bunch of their daylilies. Don't know how much they are on the LA but Jackie sells most for 15 to 20$ when you buy from them. What I really appreciate is that they perform as stated and I'm in northern Illinois. I even get re-bloom and foliage has been healthy on all. Spring Bling and Tribal Council are my favorites. Oh but how could I leave out Velvet Beacon, Reva or Purple Mound. Okay their all good. I well say that Pumpkin Junction does get muddy in temp above 95 or so. Yet she blooms prolifically for every bit of 2 months so it well stay. I have it towards the back and it looks just fine. Still a few doubles I need to get and I'll have them all. Northern gardeners would be quite pleased with the performance of these daylilies. Pat

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Thank you, Patty, for your input. So glad to hear the Pryors you have are good plants. I did find some listed from Arcadian Daylilies, and this is a Canadian seller, so evidently, the DLS do just fine up north. I was trying to stay with the semi-evergreens, but those seem to be the ones that are difficult to find. I do plan to take a chance next year on Velvet Beacon and maybe a couple of the other dormants---nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Avedon

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