just how allelopathic are australian pines?

TropicalTracySeptember 3, 2003

i had to have a number of aussies removed because they kept falling on my house and crushing the roof. i am concerned about residual toxins in the soil.

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infullbloom(6 TN)

Hey Tray,
It's a shame you had such a problem with those ausies. Such a beautiful pine! I am uncertain as to any allergens as I have not had a lot of experience with them. If you've had them removed completely then I don't see a problem unless you're trying to grow something edible in the same soil. Then, I'd be alittle leary for the next five years.
Hope all goes well.

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cherylnsw(NSW Aust)

What are Australian Pines? I'm Australian and have never heard of one.

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flytower_au(S'th West vic A)

According to Wrigley and Fagg,'Australian native Plants'Aussie pines include Pinus radiata, the Auracarias,e.g. bunya,; then there is celery top,huon,hoop,Norfokl Island and many more. My guess would be Pinus radiata blowing out,they are shallow rooted. Idon't think any of the others would.certainly not in their home continent. Ihaven't had any trouble planting where the pines had been,Because our soil is so poor,we always need tofeed the soil well as pines take so much out of thesoil.

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