fungi spray for citrus

foolishpleasureDecember 24, 2012

Question to citrus experts. I grow a variety of fruits like Apricot. Peach, chrey, apple. grape and Nectrine. Also I think I am an organic grower but when it comes to fungi sometimes I break my own rule. Without fungi spry I would not get one piece of fruit. The big question is how about Citrus.From my research I know citrus can be devastated by fungi like MELAROSE SPOT, GREASY SPOT, CITRUS SCAB, Altermaria brown spot, red alga and cotton root although the last one happens only in Texas. What do you experts do? should I use copper Fungicide which I already use it on my other fruit and vegetables. The good thing about copper it is organic.

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Copper with horticultural oil goes a long way to controlling fungi in citrus. For my Meyers I use Bayer Silvacur twice per year; but that is not organic, strictly speaking; and I'm not sure you can get it in US.

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