Spring Cottage issue

schoolhouse_gwFebruary 25, 2013

Just picked up the magazine today. Too much $$, but couldn't help it. Annie, if you get a chance, check out page 6. It's got you and me written all over it (well, just not you and me, but...). :)

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Will do!
Thanks for the heads up!
Can't wait!

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A blizzard blew through last night and dumped 3 inches (here) and 2 feet north of here. By mid-morning, almost no snow remained. The sun is shining and the temps have risen up into the upper 40s but it feels warmer to me.

So, with the roads clear and the sun out, I decided to drive into town in search of that magazine. I ended up driving 70+ miles today to find it, but by golly, I did!

First, I drove northeast to Cushing - 25 miles. They didn't have it.
SO, drove from there northwest to Stillwater, (another 25 miles) and I found it..Hurrah! Then the trip home (25 miles). So 70+ miles for a magazine. With the price of the magazine and cost of the gasoline to find it, that is one expensive magazine. Sheesh! But, it was worth it.

You were so right schoolhouse! Page 6 has you and I written ALL OVER IT...and the cover too.

Thanks girlfriend.
Going to spend the evening pouring through the pages for gardening ideas and dreaming.....of Spring.


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I also bought "Victoria Classics - BEST of BRITAIN"


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thinman(Z5 MI)

What is the actual name of the magazine you two are so excited about? It sounds like something I'd like to check out.


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the actual name of the magazine is

"SPRING cottage
style with fresh charm"

On the front cover there is an aqua urn filled with dried Hydrangeas and on the table underneath are aqua tea cups and saucers.

Price: $10.99 US
- even at Walmart.

You have to be a real cottage gardening freak to spend that much moolah for one magazine. It's thick though. FILLED with pictures through and through.
Beautiful magazine!


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thinman(Z5 MI)

Thanks, Annie. That is serious buckage, but I'm going to look for it anyway.


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Annie! LOL. I agree this is one expensive magazine for you. I knew you'd like that fountain pic. Makes me want to plant more hydrangeas too.

Thinman, this magazine publishes four times a year - Spring (Cottage), Summer (Cottage), Fall(Cott), Winter(Cott), I only discovered it this past Fall. You can also subscribe. I noticed online you can buy back issues and it appears it began publication with a Spring Cottage issue in 2011. Readers? Is this correct? The Winter Cottage for 2012 was beautiful. But I think the magazine is too expensive, doesn't stop me from buying it tho.

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I've never liked the fountains I've seen for sale - too...too...too something that I never liked. But THAT one... in the magazine... is for ME! Peeling white paint and all.

I've also looked at wall fountains - would like a Lion's head type. I found one on line for $199. That was the cheapest. The prices ranged from there all the way up to $15,000 +Dollars. . I cannot image having that kind of money to blow frivolously on a little wall fountain. Jeez,

I'm going to have to go more with the farm-style Tuscany garden. Rural and rustic. (ha ha). Old wooden wheelbarrows, pots of Pelargoniums and a few terracotta pots laying around - herbs and cacti. I have my hugs pots of Agave. Hate dragging them out and hauling them back inside every year, but they are so beautiful. Just have to wear long sleeved shirts and those big heavy rawhide men's work gloves when handling them. They sure are beauties.

Yes. I love the hydrangeas too. I have been rooting branches of my large Oakleaf and now after two years, I have two small ones that I can sever from the parent and plant in another location.with similar dappled shade and soil conditions & drainage. I've not had much luck with any of the other varieties I've grown. Too fussy. I have to have hardy, tough as nails plants to survive here on this windy, dry hill..

I have to laugh at those local yokels who warned me that planting "all those trees" was going to prevent me from having a good garden. But I knew they would actually do the opposite, and they did. Without the partial shade they provide there would be few of the flowers and other plants I grow. They shade and also protect my gardens from hot, drying winds and cold freezing winds.

I wish I had the where-with-all you have schoolhouse to lay stonework. Don't know HOW you did it! Absolutely beautiful design and work. And your topiaries and sunken garden. Fabulous!.


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Hey guys,

Here's the LINK to this magazine online. I discovered it in the fine print credits inside the cover page.
You can also "like" them on Facebook. I will!

Just thought you'd like to know, if you didn't already.

P.S. - just now saw that they also show the new issue of Victoria Classic magazine that I mentioned above: BEST of BRITAIN.
It's a great issue - chocked full of pictures of gorgeous classic Cottage Gardens.in the UK.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Cottage Journal

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Here's a LINK to one especially for you and I, schoolhouse.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lowes had/has a lion fountain like that, yeah it's fake stone - not resin but some other material I think. Anyway, still not cheap and is tempting but I'm like you, would rather have the real thing. There is a greenhouse near me that sold a group of fountains and statues that were super heavy, resembled stone, done very well, still not real stone; but I think they could pass very well. Gosh they were expensive. I don't think they sell much because I've seen the same pieces there year after year.

I could put a lion fountain like that up against my garage wall, the one that is covered in Virginia Creeper. All I'd have to do is install an electrical outlet there in the wall. But I wonder if it would be a PITA keeping the Va.Creeper from devouring it.

Do you live near any salvage yards? or Habitat for Humanity stores? I've never seen garden items in the Hab.for Hum. stores tho, at least the few times I've gone in there.

The way things are going, I may not have much of a garden budget this year; and I do want to buy those sandstone block for the sunken garden wall. Probably the only project I'll be able to afford.

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I posted this, in part, on the Spring Cottage topic, but will add this part here. For the full thread, go there:

Pertaining to a source for the Lion Fountain :

"I will check with that recycled place where I got the arch and trellis last year and see if they ever get anything like fountains. They have not had any statuaries or fountains, but carry everything else! Maybe if I asked them, they might look for some for me on one of their trips down to New Mexico. Probably cost an arm and a leg though, and that is totally out of the question, especially right now..

Yeah, we are having to batten down our hatches on expenditures now too; waiting to see how this sequester and possible government shutdown is going to affect Scott's aerospace company.. Not that I ever had much of a garden budget to begin with, but this is going to really cut into what little I did have. Our entire budget is on lock down for now. No extras. Just praying we can make the basics, you know? Scary!"

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here is a picture of a wall fountain I took at the Botanic garden in Chicago.

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Oh wow!

A Gargoyle!!!

Thanks for posting it!
My kids and DH would like that one. LOL

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