Anti-Deer Weapon

tomengersSeptember 3, 2008

Hi Folks ... read in a gardening blog about the use of "garlic & hot pepper units" to discourage deer. Said were completely effective. Anyone know about this?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

You have to repeat every week or so. You can make your own which a whole world cheaper than the commercial ones.

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I used the garlic, eggs and milk (added some pepper, but that wasn't necessary). Had to repeat my home concoction every few days, otherwise the deer would commence munching.

My weapon of choice is a .22!

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The rascals seem to munch on everything even the old blooms and leaves on some lilies. Just now our apples are almost ready for picking. Years before they have broken brances off the trees while pulling them down to reach the apples. We have sprayed, we've used the soaps etc., but they somehow still eat whatever seems to be tasty. My only salvation has been to lay old woven wire fence on the ground and entwine them with old tomato cages and other misc. wire that I can find. Seems to do the trick. First I tried fencing around the apple trees and they learned to jump over it. Then came the electric fence, three wires high and that does keep them out but requires installation and upkeep which can be pricey. They will not walk over or cross the fence on the ground. Hope this helps.Just be sure it surrounds everything that you want to protect.

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rhodie_chick(z7 NY)

I was using liquid fish meal added to my liquid fertilizer to spray on the plants. Also Milorganite fertilizer (used on the grass, which I was told has similar repellant properties zand I was pretty cocky about how I actually had great luck this year even with my experimental roses. However, everything went downhill a few weeks ago when the fawns taste tested everything including my newly purchased mums that never got in the ground-and they contain pyrethrins!! I hope they got a nasty stomachache I still have some dahlias they seemed to have missed (or decided were yucky) and they never touch the peonies or the rhizome iris (but the chippies have been known to move the iris in the fall/winter).

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