Year-Round Color Under Oak Tree

ellenfix(z7GA)September 2, 2003

I have a young Pin Oak in full sun (the branches are too small to offer much shade yet), Zone 7, under which I planted daffodils that do fine; however, since the oak is the focal point of my front yard, I want dramatic year-round color and texture from plants that will compete well with the tree roots.

I have two ideas:

1. Plant a "groundcover" of Firepower Nandinas around the tree, and fill in with three Knock-Out roses toward the front where they'll be most seen.

2. Use Silvery Sunproof Liriope as the groundcover, fill in with the three Knock-Out roses, and behind the roses (closer to the trunk of the tree) plant three taller Nandinas to serve as a backdrop to the roses.

Anyone's design thoughts would be MOST appreciated!!!

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