Is it Aloe bainesii and when can I climb my tree?

hanzrobo(11)December 2, 2012

There's a school in our neighborhood with this grouping of tree Aloes. It's hard to see in the photo but there's a 3rd one in the back. They need some maintenance and have a bit of muck on the leaves but they're pretty healthy.

Two years ago I collected some seed from these babies and started them, not very successfully I might add. They, along with some Anacampseros, were the first succulent seeds I attempted. Out of tons of seeds I only germinated 10-12. A few of those fell victim to damping off and now I have 8. I separated them into their own 2" pots about 8 months ago. and they're finally starting to look like something.

So, yeah... when do I get to climb my tree?

This is my first post using Flickr, I like these big photos! It turns out I had a Flickr account that I started in 2007 and forgot about!

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

i kept trying to start a photobucket account w/an existing email addy,,,drove me nuts for a sec there,, hehe
Those are spectacular!
ive never even heard of em before,, but im guessing youve got about another forgotten-flickr account to go and Then some before your climbing hehe

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Hercules' is really fast. Yes that is barberae (bainesii) and it is slower. Assuming you are 20 years old, probably when you are too old to climb a tree.

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this plant was planted about 35 years ago... though I certainly would not recommend climbing it (Aloe barberae branches are pretty weak and snap easily) it is one of the largest i have ever seen (base is about 15' in diameter). Aloe barberae is pretty darn fast... I have both A Hercules and A barberae, and I think they are pretty close in speed in terms of reaching a certain height (though A Hercules is slower to branch- at least for me).

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sorry... didn't know when you 're-previewed' your message, you lose the attached photo...

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This is my tree... it grew this size (about 20' tall) in 6 years from a 5 gal size (which was about 3 years old at the time)... so this tree is almost climbable now in just 9 years.... but I wouldn't.

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Thanks Geoff, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Your tree looks great! Is that one going with you? I imagine it's in the ground, one heckuva job if so.
I lived in Victorville for 5 years. The desert has its own charm and benefits. There aren't many pest type bugs to speak of, for one thing. On the other hand, there are at least 3 different types of large ants and they all bite.

hoovb, I missed my chance at picking up a 'Hercules' last year. That won't happen again. BTW, when I was 20 Bill Clinton was president;)

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I have one I planted from a wee cutting in 1999? Just stuck it in the ground. And often forgot to water it. AT 6'and triple trunked its just catching fire-lol..No speed record for sure. I notice it hates fertilizer and likes water in summer. Right now..its has Wigandia and Euphorbia abyssinnica flanking it. But hey,I'm in the bay area and having that kind of exotica is not seen around here much.

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I see what you mean - if you used some of your Jensenobotrya to shore that tree up I'm sure you could swing with the greatest of ease.

If you are ever in the Vista area, go to Grigsby's Cactus Garden and / or C&J Cactus for some monster A. bainesii specimens.


Where is Godzilla located? By golly, it's majestic.

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Stan, it's really great to hear from you. I appreciate your insight.
I think I'm going to put a few of them in the ground, pot the others up a little, put them in the sun, see what happens.

Jeffe, ... yeah I'll try that. No, but based on what Geoff says, my youngest should be about tree-climbing age when my tree reaches a child-tempting height. I'll check back in to this thread in December 2019, ok?
See you guys then.

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