Hardy Citrimelo Fruit in Northern VA!

Boca_Joe(zone 7A)December 8, 2012

A bunch of us are growing these in the MD and VA area around DC. Our trees range from 7-12' tall. They have been in several years now. My friend's bloomed and fruited this year, photos below just taken on Thursday. Pretty amazing.

Boca Joe

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrumelo fruit in Northern VA

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Very nice job, Joe! How did your fruit taste? Is it edible?

Patty S.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

Thanks Patty. I'll have to ask my friend. He may have nade mimosas already with them. I have not tasted them yet, but should be sweeter than poncirus and not quite as sweet as grapefruit. It's a cross between Poncirus trifoliata and pummelo grapefruit. I'll keep you posted.


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