A Sea of Green in February

najoba(8b)February 25, 2013

Here's a picture of our daylily beds taken today. The one with the red circle drawn around it is a dormant. The beds were weeded two weeks ago, and the little devils are back again! My DH "Preened" them yesterday and our yard man is coming Saturday to weed and apply mulch.

It's been a strange winter. Only a couple of the dormants went underground, and the Sevs all acted like dormants. As you can see, the evergreens are quite happy.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Looks very good Nancy.I had very few dormants "go to sleep" too, most of them are still nice and green.I cant do a lot out in the yard, since falling back in november and breaking a wrist again.I think I may have damaged the back and hip joint too. but, sime days are better then others. I wiorked almost 3 hours yesterday outside, prunning roses, and then weeding a little. then today it rained most of it and windy and rather cool out, but, even so, the body hurts too much today to go do a repeat of yesterday. need a day or so to recoperate.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I'm loving seeing all that GREEN. I look out my window and all I see is WHITE. When do your daylilies bloom where you are? I hope you will post lots of pictures when they do. Mine don't start up until July.


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Julia NY(6)

Now that is a sea of green worth seeing ;-).


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Jean, I wish you a speedy recovery from the fall. I tried copying you, as I had a bad fall in December. Fortunately I did not break any bones. I still think I can do anything so tried climbing up on a chair instead of using the step-ladder. Fell over backwards! I hit my head pretty hard, and had headaches for a couple of weeks, not to mention a vicious backache.

I'm amazed that your dormants did the same!

Celeste, normally May is our peak blooming season. They start in April, but it looks like CHINA CLIPPER is going to bloom within a week or two as there is already color in the buds. MEE YING (a mid-season daylily) has scapes up, too. Last year, they were already beginning to bloom in March.

The yard man just arrived with a load of mulch. I hope he gets rid of the weeds first. He wasn't supposed to be here until Saturday.


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Wow - the yard men spent the afternoon getting rid of all the visible weeds, and now my daylily beds are all nicely mulched. That was fast! A few more sprayings with Merit (for thrips) and Neptune seaweed fertilizer and we'll be ready for blooming season.


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