Arid / Drought Resistant Privacy Plant

uvascanyon(8A)September 16, 2011

We have a small portion of land where we'd like to plant something to act as a privacy screen. This area is quite far from the nearest water outlet / hose, so I'm looking for something that can tolerate drought-like conditions.

FWIW, we have Italian Cypress here that do great, with nothing but the rain water they receive from November to May. Those however get too tall for this location. We need something that will get at least 6' tall, but no more 15 to 18 feet.

The soil is very hard clay. In the more severe weather years, we see 100 degree deltas (18 in the winter, to 118 in the summer).

Any ideas? Looks like the bottle brush might be one possibly, but I'm not sure. Thank you.

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gcbunnell(8b/9a N.CA)

I just saw this post today, so, perhaps, you have already acted on your problem. I have planted with a great deal of success a California native commonly called 'coyote bush' or Baccharis pilularis. They get to be about 6-10 feet tall, 6 to 10 feet wide, and I never water them after getting them established during the winter rainy season. They stay green all year, take high heat (115 one summer), cold down to 0; they can be inundated, deer don't like them, and they grow fast. I grow them in very dense clay soil, in very shallow soil and in sun and shade. They can also be cut down to very low for rejuvenation if the bottoms get too straggly. Is this not perfect? I don't know why it is not more popular, but as a precaution (to avoid babies everywhere)I would get just all male bushes. I easily cloned mine so they are all the same sex. A bonus, they have a wonderful,albeit, elusive smell when it is damp. Try one.

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dominoswrath(5 WI)

privet hedge - 'cheyenne'

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Creosote bush (which I think is the same as coyote bush) is a very good plant for dry and arid hot and cold extremes! When it blooms, it is pretty too imo. If given extra water it will bloom longer and more often too. Oleander is another good choice So is pyracantha

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