Norway diagnosis-with pics

thetmanMay 4, 2014

Hi all. I noticed a few of my Norways seem to be a bit off in color & budding compared to others I planted at same time. basically planted 3 years ago B&B around 5ft. I noticed a few seem yellowish and not budding in early stages like others I have planted. Noticed some brownish too on the needle- hopefully not a disease. I attached one picture of one that is doing good to compare. please let me know what you think, thanks






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The term is budding!

I'd wait longer before deciding if that Norway Spruce has made it through the winter. If the buds don't break, the tree is probably toast. Probably not disease related but winter related.

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So the winter was too much for these two you think? okay, I'll keep an eye out for any signs of budding. hopefully it will be ok. all the others seem great- not sure why just these two are having issues-who knows.

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conon(6b, Southern, IN)

I have five of those planted within about 4 feet of each other. One of them has browning just like yours. They are all budding out nicely though. Can't figured out what caused the browning on ours - It's not animal urea or pesticide damage. Good luck, I'm sure they'll be fine.

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mine is definitely not pesticide-I don't like to use chemicals in the yard-maybe a bit of weed killer when needed- but not near the trees. These are still not budding like others. Actually all the Norways seem to be all over the map. some nothing- others are like super steroid norways and budding everywhere-go figure. I've done a lot of work over the years in the yard ( excavating etc) so location and soil in different spots I think affects how each is progressing. I hope they pull through. I noticed you said you planted yours 4ft from each other- that seems a bit close for such a large growing tree. you might have to thin the heard in the future.

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