Late season fertilization issue

arkberry(8b)December 2, 2012

I have a late season fertilization issue. I have an in ground satsuma and it's leaves are starting to show signs of nutrient problems. I gave it a fertilization around labor day, but it was obviously too little. My dilemma is we are on the very very very upper zone of its winter tolerance and I do not want any potential new growth get winter damage nor do I want a hungry plant all winter. I feel like I am at a roulette table with my options and we know there are no winners in Vegas.

I am considering a little dose of fertilizer. In the past I have used a product for in ground citrus with a 2-3 time per year application. I I do give it a late season dose, would a water soluble product like my foliage pro be a better option?

Tree is of fruiting size. Last winter a sheet and pan of water kept it safe, but I could go with more of a temp greenhouse if needed.

Thanks for assistance.

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Do nothing; you have done what you can...have faith and wait till Spring

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Or.... give it a dose of foliar fert; helps to correct micronutrients sometimes and without causing a growth spurt.

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I always fertilize regularly during the winter. If it is consistently cold, fertilizer will not stimulate new growth. I have never had an issue with new growth emerging during the winter. You can induce a late growth flush if you fertilize during late fall warm spells, but not when the temperature are consistently cold.

I think that winter fertilization is a great way of correcting nutrient deficiencies, particularly if your plants need summer water. City water is often alkaline which may actually induce nutrient deficiencies by increasing the soil pH. I have found that my citrus are a much darker green color since I started fertilizing in the winter. Also, I am sure it improves the vigorousness of the spring growth flush.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


In your zone I won't fertilize now. Wait till spring. You don't want new growth now. I rarely fertilize my tree in a greenhouse and it spits out gobs of fruit every year.

This is a typical fruit load every year. Can't remember when I last fertilized. I do have down weed barrier so the tree doesn't have to compete with grass or weeds.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I should have pointed out that even in my greenhouse the citrus trees look yellow and nutrient poor in winter. This is due to cool temperatures. I'm keeping highs about 60F and lows 30s this time of year to give other fruits their chilling. This causes the citrus to stop growing and look yellowish. But the fruit sweetens up and looks great as you can see. In March, after it warms up, the trees flush out with nice growth and bloom.

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