Rooted cuttings appear to be nicely progressing

arkberry(8b)December 9, 2012

This fall I trimmed my Meyer and took two cuttings and place them in a propogating mixture. They are over tree months old a look pretty good. They are not getting any taller, but they still have all there leaves. I think in January I am going to start then on a foliage pro routine. When has anyone started giving their rooted cuttings FP?

Tonight is our first string of nights below freezing and I moved the last of my pots into the unheated garage. It was a good sized Owari. It grew great this year, roots were out of the drainage whole! I am going to trim some of the canopy to compensate for some of the roots I broke when I move the pot (it was in the flower bed and did not have a saucer). Since satsuma cuttings are suppose to be hard to root, I am going to try and document weekly all steeps I am taking and see if I can make one root.

Next week I am going to take the main Meyer from the garage and bring it inside for winter. It is really not a lot of fun having it in garage all writer especially since it has become a heavy flowerer.

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You may want to try to acclimate the Meyer to a warmer place in some way over a few weeks.

They can be finicky with sudden changes in temp and sunlight.

At soil temps off

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