Wnata see the Tulips Before they Freeze?

organic_kitten(8)February 11, 2012

My yard has many plants that are acting as if it is spring, but tonight and tomorrow night it will be 20 or less. Here are some of the tulips:

Look at the silly daylilies trying to get ready to bloom in early February:

And since it is freezing tonight, instead of crying over frozen, spoiled tulips, I picked a lot of them and shared some with neighbors...here is the bouquet that is on my computer desk:

We have to accept weather even if it is weird. The blueberries and the Bridal Wreath Spirea are trying to bloom. The tulip trees are blooming all over town as are the plum trees. Tonight will fix that, but true spring is ahead. And I am trying not to gripe too much.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

The tulips are very pretty.I really like them shorter purples,They look purple on my monitor.could be a dark red.I have not seen anything blooming around town, here yet.I think its suppose to go to 14 here tonight.its really cold today.never got out of the 30's today, and thats LOW 30's, too.


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They are purple, Jean. The silly things (and some of the pink ones too) come out of the ground looking like a big colored egg. then the stem elongates until they are normal proportion.

You can see (very fuzzy) my tulip tree behind the vase of tulips. It hasn't opened up nearly like the pink ones in town. The tulips were very pretty, but far too early. Ah well. that's the life of a gardener isn't it?

It is supposed to be 20 tonight here...and it was in the 70s earlier last week.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Yes, it IS the life of a gardner. we cant control the weather.I wouls have it in the 70's every day, if that was possible.Spring will be popping in soon, and not soon enough for me, but, have to take it like it comes.I wish some of the rain would hold off till summertime when we will need it alot more then now.it has been raining about every other day here.tonight, looking at the weather channel it shows a winter mix coming now over the weekend.


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Cindy zone 6a

I really like the look of the purple with the taller pink ones. They look wonderful. What a feast for the eyes!!
Maybe I will have to rethink tulips :) I tend to stay away from them as they dont' perennialize very well here, with a few exceptions. But the colors are wonderful. Hope the freeze doesn't knock too many out!! They are wonderful in the vase too!! We have had a very mild winter, but everytime we have a cold snap we get a covering of snow, I have had to go out during our warm spells and check my iris, and a couple were heaving up. Cindy

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Thanks so much Cindy. High praise coming from someone with your beautiful garden.
The tulips don't perennialize here either, but I love them so much that I plant them every year. Those came from Colorblends, and I get them pre-chilled. (good thing this year especially as we have had so little cold so far).

The pink ones, I get every year, and are Big Eartha. They are five inches high and three inches across when they open! Pinks and purples are favorites in my garden, so you always see those colors repeated.

By the way, Cindy, Last year, your peach colored hyacinth pictured appealed so much to me that I bought some and have then planted in the new rose section. There's nothing like seeing a plant in a real person's garden, is there?

I know Rita will recognize it, but the tulips are planted where I plant the big swath of zinnias where I planted the big swath of zinnias last year. (And will again this year).

Thank you again for looking.

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shive(6b TN)

The tulips are so pretty! I love those shades of pink and purple together. It's too bad about the Arctic Front. My daffodils and flowering bushes were decimated by those temps in the 20s.

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Great looking tulips I just wish they would grow in FL. My grandfather always had tulips in his garden in MA.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh Kay, those tulips are just so pretty. I really like the way you did that color combo with the row of deep purple and also the row of that vivid pink. turned out great. And yes, I recognized that garden bed right away as the one you made new last spring and made into your new zinnia bed. That was a fabulous idea and glad that you will be having the zinnias back. great place for those spring tulips.

Now I really wish I had planted more tulips also this past fall but I only planted 75, don't know why I didn't add more. So really, I have to hope that the tulips already here from the year before make a decent return and bloom really well, which is still maybe or maybe not. I will have to buy bulbs again fall of 2012 as I just love them.

You daylilies already look great growing really well. Mine are all asleep for the winter.

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Thank you all for looking.

Debra, I will have some losses too. The Spirea is frustrating, but what can you do? At least some of the tulips haven't bloomed yet.

Linda, you might be able to buy some pre-chilled ones from Colorblends. I do this since my climate in Central Alabama is not cold enough. We had less "winter" than usual this year, so the tulips bloomed too soon. I buy them every year since it is too hot for rebloom the next year.

You know I muttered to myself about planting all of them, and the rascally squirrels made off with the first 150 I planted, but I will plant again this fall. The daylilies are going to get bitten too, I suspect. Some of my dormant ones haven't come out yet. They look a bit pitiful ahead of themselves as they are. I ordered several zinnia seeds to plant in the greenhouse, but you know the others will be up like gang-busters too. I hope you get good rebloom since I enjoy your tulip pictures so much.

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Hi Kay, Wow look at all those tulips already up. Mine are all poking up outta the ground but none no where near ready to bloom. Yours look great. Love the bouquet and the color combos. I know we have had such a warm fall and winter but I have loved it. Now its been sooooo cold the last couple of days and I hate it. Hope everything does OK. Judy

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Well look at all those pretty tulips blooming! What a sight to see tonight while I am bundled up looking out at my outdoor thermometer and its 7 degrees outside. The news just said it's 10-below-zero with the wind chill and on top of Mount Washington it is 63-degrees below zero! Brrrr. My tulips are so deep in slumber they can't even dream yet...LOL.


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Hi Judy and Celeste. Hasn't this been the weirdest weather, Judy? Not enough winter, and the roses need a bit more, I think. Some of my tulips aren't too far along yet, but these have been beautiful.

Thanks Celeste. Your tulips may be in deep slumber, but these are in a nightmare since it took a quick trip to the freezer. It will warm up again Monday they say. Humph! Not normal weather...but at least a little bit of a bright note.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

ot supose to warm up here monday, we are to get freezing rain, sleet and snow. a mix of all of it,and only in the 30's for a high, brrrrr.I hate it, but have to go with what ever comes.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

The tulips are lovely Kay. I saw a lonly Hyacinth hiding beside the mix. The only thing blooming here are some lovely Cherry trees. I have a Star Magnolia that is frost bit now that the freeze has come and a few lonly daffodils that are frozen now. Thanx for posting the message for me!! Ellie

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Such beautiful tulips, Kay! What a sight for these winter days here in the north! We are experiencing such odd weather that nothing would surprise me come spring. :/ At least they came up for you. I'm concerned I won't have much that survived the winter around here. We will see. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us. Love the colors! :)


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Julia NY(6)

What great color Kay. Odd weather year for sure.
Pinks are so pretty with the purples.
Ah, the official start of spring is only a month away.
Rain here today....again.


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Pretty to see color again. The only thing I have blooming was snow drops. While it's nice to see flowers again, if you don't look close you miss them in the little bit of snow that's out there!

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Organic kitten..beautiful tulips! My next door neighbor came over on Monday and bought me a bunch of tulips like those magenta colored ones. I just discarded them yesterday, so they lasted almost a week. I probably could have stretched the time but was afraid the petals would drop on my good tablecloth and stain it. I've had that to happen before with some other flowers.

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