Cryptomeria turning brown

helenjoanMay 4, 2009

Can anyone suggest a reason for the browning in this cryptomeria - planted in October (see photo). The other 2 are doing fine, but the top third of this one is brown, with substantial browning throughout the tree. Our landscaper thinks it might be windburn, but the trees are planted 25 feet from the house in a relatively protected area - although the one turning brown is elevated by about 3 feet.

Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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Probably root damage when it was dug for transplanting


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Not sure what caused browning, but the same thing happened to us when we removed a large spruce that provided some wind protection. The top third of our tree browned and we cut it off, planning to prune as a large shrub, as an arborist told us it wouldn't form a new leader. Two years later, it looked pretty much as it had before the drastic pruning. BTW, the 6 ft. section we removed was totally dead and light as a feather.

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