solo cups vs. cells

darobi2459(5)February 13, 2013

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my seedling experience thus far. I planted half of my seeds in cells and the other half in solo cups. The solo cup seeds are twice as big as the cells, but the ones in the cells seem to have stockier growth. Is this pretty common?

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Julia NY(6)

My understanding from those that have used what is called "tree plug cells" that they felt the roots develop better because of the confined space.
I don't use plugs/cells for starting daylily seeds. I do use the 16oz red cups each year and experience no difficulty with good root development. I would guess that those in milder climate may want to use the plugs/cell type as I would suspect they would be replanting theirs sooner than I would here in the north. Just a theory. I start mine usually the end of January/beginning of February but don't plant them out till mid May, weather permitting.

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