yellow leaf (root rot)??

darobi2459(5)February 5, 2013

Hello everyone, This is my first stab at germinating and growing day lily seeds indoors. A leaf started to turn yellow from the tip down recently (3 days since I noticed). There in a soilless peat moss. I haven't added any sort of fertilizer yet, just H2O. The light is a T5 6500k I believe. On 15 hours a day. I have about 80 seeds germinated so far and this is the only one different besides 2 albinos that I just havent plucked out yet.

Any thoughts or ideas is greatly appreciated, I love to learn from experience!


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Your yellow leaf doesn't look like it's anything to worry about - the lower leaves turn yellow and die as the plant grows. When did you plant your seeds?

Once they develop their second set of leaves, I fertilize my seedlings with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer in water. I use either Miracle-Gro or Schultz's. I fill the outer container with the solution, so they have a constant source for nutrients.


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Hi Nancy, I planted them about 3 weeks ago. about 10 days or so to germinate. Do those seedlings of mine have that second set yet? They really didnt have a small set unlike some others I have. These are the most vigorous growers I have so far. PINK STRIPES X .

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I see three leaves on some of them. I'd put those in a pan by themselves and fill pan with the diluted fertilizer solution. Your seedlings look pretty good to me.

Go ahead and pull the albinos - they will not survive. I always manage to get a few when I start seeds.

I don't know where you are keeping your seedlings. You might want to keep a close eye on fungus gnats if you have them in a basement. Some folks here at the forum use Mosquito Dunks in the water to prevent them. I start my seeds in July - August and grow them outdoors as soon as they start growing, so don't have any experience with indoor problems.


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Hi Nancy, I have had a few gnats, but it doesn't seem to be an issue. That one is looking a little worse today, It is looking like a nutrient deficiency more and more. Ill do what you brought up and give them a diluted fertilizer. Thanks Nancy!

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