liatris deer resistant?

brekers(z7northernCA)October 15, 2004

can't find info if liatris will hold up?

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

I haven't had any deer or other animal damage to the three types of liatris I grow. I do have a good bit of other things for the animals though. If there is nothing else to eat, deer will eat anything.

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Woodchucks(groundhogs) love liatris around me here in NY, but I can't say for certain about deer ( I think they munched my exposed liatris two years ago but it could've been groundhogs). G'hogs can get into my (fenced against deer) perennial/rose garden) and they stripped the liatris and the echinacea of all their leaves.


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joepyeweed(5b IL)

i agree with canstopgardening - deer will eat anything depending upon how hungry they are and what is available.

i have a problem with liatris and rabbits more than deer - of course it could be groundhogs but i have assumed its rabbits. sprinking cayenne pepper helps but i dont always get on it after each rainfall and those darn rabbits always beat me to it -

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I'm surrounded by woodlands and have deer and rabbits both. I've never had them even so much as touch or nibble my Liatris.

Per Heritage Prennial Profiles Liatris spicata 'Floristan Violett' is Deer Resistant. Here's their URL:

That should take you right to it.

There's another good site too -

My Deer Garden

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muggsey(z4/5 MI)

Try Blood works on about everything!

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I have a heck of a time getting my Liastris to survive - because it's either the deer or the rabbits' favorite food. And bloodmeal doesn't work for me! The only way I've been able to protect my plants is either with chicken wire or with hinder (but that always washes off in the rain). I've even been told my garden isn't much to look at because of all the wire!

It seems animal problems are highly local. (we have a very high population of both deer and rabbits).

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They ate my liatris. There's a thread on the Wildlife forum about deer eating baby birds - with photos.

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Grow liatris for 5 years. No damage from the deers, but rabbits and g'hogs definitely like them. Sprinkling blood meal seems to help, but till the first rain.

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Nothing is DEER resistant if they are hungry enough!

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Don't know if this will "bump up" after over 3 years but something ate most of the flower buds off both of my Liatris Spicata. Only the flower buds...not much foliage nibbled so I assume it was rabbits that got over/under new fencing I'd just installed around butterfly garden the day before.

Does anyone know if there will be any new growth on the plants between now and fall to provide any flowering or are they a bloom loss for this year?

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This is the second year the deer topped my white Liatris just as it was getting ready to bloom. It just chaps my hide!! I've been using the egg/garlic/milk mixture(fencing is not an option here), but we have sporadic thunder storms roll through during the night and washes the plants clean. Last night I mixed up some Safer fungicide(sulfur based)as I was out of ripe EGM, sprayed everything and nothing was touched(no rain last night). But I don't want to use it every time...maybe I'll alternate. It's so frustrating...I'll be lucky to get any tomatoes as they topped those and my peppers a few weeks ago.AAGGHH!!

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so far my liatris has been untouched for about 10 years,with a heavy deer pop.

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