Microwave Flower Press

Ruby_Red(Z6 CT)January 9, 2003

There's a microwave flower press offered on QVC today (it's all day crafts - 24 hrs - woohoo) and was wondering if anyone has used this - called Microfleur - or any other microwave presses and their opinions. Or if maybe these are available in local craft stores. I'm mostly interested in drying leaves but maybe some other flowers too. TIA

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Hi Ruby Red,

I used to use the terracotta press from Lee Valley. Then I discovered the fabulous Sunwave press. It works great, does not go in the microwave and allows for 3 layers of pressing. Drying takes 2-3 days, and its foolproof!!

Let me know if I can be of any more help; I bought 2 this past Summer and love them.


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Hi Ruby Red,

I've pressed 100's of different flowers and greenery with the terracotta microwave press from Lee Valley and have had success with about 85% - 90% of them.

Best regards,

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I also have used the trracotta microwave press from Lee Valley and have had great success with it. When I first started I had to experiment with different times after using a handmade wooden press, the microwave press works much faster(but does not hold a lot of flowers at one time.)I use both depending on how many flowers I am pressing.

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bekiboutique(4 IA)

I have had good luck with the Lee Valley flower press, but it does get hot. We had some tile left over from a project so I just cut some padding and muslin squares. Put the tile down, next the felt pad and then the muslin. Place your flowers then add the next three layers. I made several so when one heated up I could go to the next one.

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Ruby_Red(Z6 CT)

Thanks all for the info. Still haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. But at least now I have a bit more knowledge on the press. :o)

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weaverdb(z5 NEOHIO)

I had the microfleur and I give this warning to anyone using a microwave flower press: Be very careful to press seconds on the microwave and not minutes. Burnt mine. The outside of the press itself is ok but smells so bad I can't use it.
(maybe no one else is this stupid though)

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