Pressing Foam or Silk Flowers

marie-27January 27, 2009


Please bear with me, as this is the first time I have been on this forum.

I am looking into pressing my wedding bouquet after the big day so I can frame it. Unfortunately I am unable to afford real flowers, but wondered if anyone has pressed foam or silk flowers before?

Any opinions, web suggestions wld be welcome.



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Marie, you could buy or or easily make what is called a shadow box which is nothing more than a shallow-sided box and arrange your flowers unpressed ... I use these boxes for dried real flowers which don't press well or just "because". lol

Making your own box you can size and design for your exact needs and best of all it's free.
I make boxes about 2 inches deep from wood scraps or even heavy cardboard, also styrofoam is great, then cover with wallpaper samples or reycycled cloth... in your case maybe satiny or lace remnants fom old sleepwear? The box can be covered with glass or plexiglass to keep out dust but I don't generally bother.

But you can of course press your flowers if you'd like. They would possibly still need a deeper frame than usual because they would no doubt be bulkier than real pressed flowers.

I admire you for holding down your wedding costs...and wish you all the best. Email me thru clicking on My Page if I can help further...good luck. josh

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