How long to press flowers?

stitchJanuary 28, 2006

Hi, I am a Girl Scout leader and day camp director, I would love to have a pressed flower activity at camp but from what I am reading it takes at least 10 days for the flowers to dry unless they are microwaved. Is there any flower that dries faster? or can a combination of microwave and press work? Any ideas appreciated ! Thanks Stitch

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I guess I should let you know that we would only have about 3 days to dry the flowers

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Stitch, I guess this will be a project for later this spring, although Pansies can be bought cheaply now and dry beautifully. I was thinking you could perhaps dry some flowers ahead of time to show the girls the finished product, then let them collect their own and start the drying/pressing process. Or are you planning a project with the girls making bookmarks, greeting cards, etc.? If so, of course you'll want the girls to have their own dried flowers to use.

Trouble is, I can't think of a flower which will thoroughly dry in just 3 days by pressing, and haven't used the microwave enough myself to be able to advise. Hope others more experienced will give you better advice.

Not much help...but I think it's great that you want to introduce this fun craft to young girls...josh

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For best results you can use a microwave flower press that has been designed specifically for the purpose or you can put a book with flowers and paper in the microwave.
When pressing in the microwave, be careful not to over do it. Start out with short bursts at a medium setting, perhaps 30-60 seconds, then experiment with the timing. Let the plant material cool between zaps. I open the press to let the steam escape while cooling, then repeat until almost dry. To save time, consider working with 2 presses, just zap one while the other cools and alternate.
While still in the paper, place your flowers in a book or flower press to finish pressing. This normally takes anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the particular flower.

So it depends

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Preparing your favorite flowers, for pressing is not hard to leave pressed flowers in diaries and journals etc.

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